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? Why Choose Us?

UR Submitter is a unique directory submission product, developed as a plug-in for WordPress CMS. One of the most important aspects of this product is that the entire process of directory submission is fully automated. The plug-in runs on auto-pilot from the submission part to email confirmation, including category selection and captcha solving.

UR Submitter comes already loaded with a list of manually checked one-way free link directories. The current list includes over 3,000 directories. The list of directories is self-managed by you (the end-user), which means you can add, edit or delete your own list of directories.

Other similar link directory submitters fail to provide an affordable solution for such a demanded service, charging clients on a pay-per-campaign basis. UR Submitter is UNLIMITED.

Submit unlimited sites by using our product
Directory Submission

WordPress Compatible - New for 2013

How It Works?

You only need to go through (3) simple easy to follow steps to get your website submitted into thousands of directories.

Once you install UR Submitter WordPress Plug-in you are ready to go. Just add your website information and let our product do its magic.
When it is done, check your submission reports and enjoy increased search engine rankings for your web-sites.

Install UR Submitter

Step 1: Download Setup

Install UR Submitter WordPress plug-in and get started.

Start Submission

Step 2: Create Campaign Submit

Input your website profile settings, and click submit.

Submission Results

Step 3: Deliver Enjoy

Generate submissions reports, and enjoy increased ranking.

Product Features

Supported Platforms (Scripts):

URSubmitter currently supports (4) of the popular directory scripts available online: PHP Link Directory, iEntry, Imperial, and PHP Weby. Our product will auto-detect directory script type, submit page and required fields for submissions. Once it submits the form, it will check for the directory response. Whether the submission succeeds or ends in failure, all types of replies are checked, parsed, and saved for future reference.

Highly Intelligent Algorithm:

We have taken all measures to make sure submission success rates are high. All though the process of directory submission is fully automated, the quality of submissions is as good as and faster than manual submission. Security checks like time-stamps, user-agents, referrals, and captcha images are fully supported and taken care of. UR Submitter supports almost every type of captcha available including: Mathematical, Default Captcha Images, Visibility Pro, Rechaptcha, Asirra, and Solve Media.

AJAX Category Selection + Multi Steps Submissions:

A smart category selection algorithm has been developed and implemented into URSubmitter, so the product automatically selects the right categories for you. Since some link directories are using AJAX based category selection, we made sure to support these types of category selections too.

Another important feature we have found necessary to implement into our product is: the multi-step submission form. Some link directories split their submission forms into 3 steps, so poorly developed robots do not spam their sites. For this reason our product fully supports multiple steps submission forms and will successfully submit to these directories automatically.

Email Confirmation:

Most directory owners tend to ask for an email confirmation. Webmasters submitting links to such directories, have to login to their email accounts, open these messages, and click on confirmation links before the submissions is listed in the admin’s review queue. UR Submitter has it all. With the auto email confirmation feature, our tool will save your time and automate the process of email confirmation. This little addition will grab a copy of your emails, parse them, locate and click on confirmation links for you automatically.

And so much more..

Link type selections, paid links detection, auto bypassing of bidding directories, and no-follow checks are also implemented into the submitter. Along with so many more features that are already included in UR Submitter.

We believe our product will be the last directory submission tool you will ever need.

Even though there are so many different directory submitters available online, URSubmitter is the best to invest in. To list some of its advantages: URSubmitter is a wordpress plugin, with a one-time payment, and full control over the directory list. This submitter has no restrictions of any kind. You can submit unlimited domains/sites using a single copy of the plugin. You can also add new directories to the ones currently available.

When promoting a new product/website people all over the world are in need of obtaining backlinks via an seo tool. Directory submission is number one on the list to rank high in major search engines. With that in mind, UR Submitter is a unique distinguished product in a highly demanded market. It provides the essential tool to successfully and effectively take the first step in reaching your goals.

Features Summary:

  • Unlimited Websites Submission
  • Thousands of High PR Directories
  • Built-In Directory List Manager
  • Auto Email Confirmation Tool (POP3)
  • Highly Detailed Submission Reports
  • Auto Category Selection, Spin-able Titles and Descriptions
  • Submission Filters, Captcha Solving, Proxy Support, and so Much More!

4 Reasons To Choose

Our Directory Submission Software

1 Cross Platform

Our directory submitter comes as a WordPress Plug-in. So, you are no longer limited to a specific operation system to use UR Submitter. Instead it is a web-based application running directly from your WP Dashboard. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems available online today.

2 Automation

We have gone this extra mile to deliver a product that you can count on, and finally came up with a top notch directory submission program that is fully automated and provides high quality submissions. UR Submitter is smart to auto-suggest categories, solve captchas, and click on confirmation links in emails.

3 Unlimited

When talking about limitation our competitors come to mind, have you ever bought a pay-per-campaign directory submission credit? Well, you no longer have to do that! With UR Submitter, you can submit unlimited websites with anhcor text, descriptions, and import your very own list of directories all in one click.

4 Single Payment

In the world of directory submissions, software and service providers tend to charge their clients hundreds of dollars per campaign. UR Submitter is a one-time payment deal.
For only a $47 you get a copy of UR Submitter plug-in with a life-time guarantee of technical support and free updates.

Features List


Unlimited Websites Submission

Unlike other similar products, you are no longer limited to a single domain submission. By using our product you can submit unlimited domains to all directories available in the list.

Google Pagerank

Thousands of High PR Directories

We have spent several weeks collecting and optimizing a high quality list of free one-way link directories. The current list contains a little over 3,000 Directory just for you.

List Manager

Built-In Directory List Manager

Even with a huge list of directories already loaded into UR Submitter, we wanted you to have full control with no limitations. Using this helpful addition, list management is easy.

Email Confirmation

Auto Email Confirmation Tool (POP3)

Now you will be able to spend your valuable time doing things that matter. Let this tool download emails, parse them, and auto click on confirmation links automatically.

Detailed Reports

Highly Detailed Submission Reports

Whether you are performing directory submissions personally or on behalf of a client, professional submission reports are available, highly detailed and they are brand free.

Captcha and Proxy

Captcha Solving, Proxy Support, etc..

With so many other helpful features like Category Selection, Captcha Solving, and Rotatable Proxies. You will feel the powers of using such an automated tool for submission.

Including the features listed above you also get one of a kind, top notch product (built with love). It fully automates link directory submission, and runs from your WordPress admin area. in addition to all of this, the plugin is very user friendly!

Free Updates and Technical Support for Life!

Don’t worry about updates, the plugin has a built-in update notifier. You will be notified whenever a new version update is released.

Stop wasting your time!

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Thank you for your early interest in our product. Kindly be advised that our plugin uses the latest stable release of PHP version: 5.4+

  • PHP 5.4+
  • WordPress 3.2+
  • ionCube Loader
  • and Curl Library

URSubmitter WordPress Plugin

We highly advice that you download a copy of our WordPress Plugin before you order your copy.

Download a copy of URSubmitter WordPress Plugin, install it, and finally activate it. Check the plugins output. It will check your server settings and notify you of any issues. If the server is fully compatible with URSubmitter, you are ready to go. Order your license and get the activation code emailed to you.

URSubmitter is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress. When you order your license, you will get an email message with your activation code. If you have any questions or want more details about our product, get in touch with us. For technical support submit a ticket by clicking here.

To activate and use URSubmitter – WordPress Plugin, you will need to order a license first, click here to order one now. You will receive an email message containing your download link and activation info after your payment.

All orders are processed automatically, your license will be activated automatically.

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URSubmitter WordPress Directory Submission Plugin

URSubmitter Directory Submitter Plugin is a shareware software priced at US$37.00 per license. Each license allows the purchaser to install and use our product on a single domain and/or IP Address only. The special offer will only apply to the first 100 copies sold as a Dime Sale. Discounted price starts at $37.00 The price will increase back to $47 when the first 100 copies are sold. When your order is verified, you will get an email message with a link to download your copy of URSubmitter. You will also get more information by email to activate your license.

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URsubmitter features it self as a one of a kind, top notch product. Our product is a fully automated link directory submitter.

Our product supports 4 of the popular directory scripts available online today: PHP-LD, iEntry, Imperial, and PHP Weby powered directories.

This submitter has no restrictions of any kind, you can submit unlimited domains/sites using a single copy of the plugin. You can add new directories to the ones currently available. UR Submitter comes already loaded with over 3,000 directories (manually checked).

It does not stop there, the plugin has a built-in list manager where you can add/edit/delete and bulk-update with ease. Maintain an up-to-date list of directories is very simple. With the power of the built-in List Manager you can update the list SEO Status: Google PR, Alexa Ranking and IP Addresses automatically. This little yet advanced tool will save you count-less amounts of hours maintaining your list of directories.

The best part about all this is, its user friendly and you get free technical support and updates for life.

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The Only Fully Automated Directory Submission Software Delivered as a WordPress Plug-in

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Compared to other directory submitters, URsubmitter distinguishes itself by allowing the end user to maintain an up-to-date list of directories in a very simple way. By using the power of the built-in List Manager you can update the SEO Status: Google PR, Alexa Ranking and IP Address automatically.